Friday, February 4, 2011

NY International Motorcycle Show and Bar Hopping in Manhattan

The Toyota HIilux: Indestructible
So, me and the broski decided to go to the New York International Motorcycle Show a couple of weekends ago. Usually, I take the train directly into Penn Station, or the Metro North into Grand Central Station, but this time we decided to take the TDI directly into Manhattan while watching a little Top Gear Polar Special to kill the time on the way. We parked in a random lot a few blocks from the Javits Center and hoofed it from then on out. Parking for the day was less than $20 and is definitely the way to go in the future.

Before hitting up the show we grabbed some grub and a couple of brews at Stout on 33rd St. This place has some phenomenal burgers (albeit too fine of a grind. Yes I'm a burger snob, too. This should not be news to you.) and a pretty decent beer selection. They even had a few beers on cask, but unfortunately the one I had tasted like ass and was way, way warmer than I would have liked. After some much needed nourishment we were on our way.

Now, my brother and I differ greatly on our opinions of motorcycles. He would look at a Triumph Speed Triple and say "Um, did they forget to finish it?" where as I would look at a Victory Vision, gag slightly, and describe how I thought there was too much crap on the bike and how it looks like you're driving a La-Z-Boy. Differences aside, we made our way around the show and saw some very cool bikes, and even some celebs.

I'm a huge fan of BMWs, particularly the older ones, and I'm definitely looking to pick one up soon. Although none of the vintage beemers were around, it did give me the opportunity to sit on some of the newer ones, see how fricken tall they are, and realize they're probably not for me. This is not going to stop me from keeping an eye out for one of these bad boys, on the left.

There were two other bikes I knew I had to go look at before even leaving Chez Fuj that morning: the Ural Taiga and the Ducati Diavel. Ural is a Russian Motorcycle company specializing in heavy duty motorcycles based off the old World War II era military BMW R71 sidecar motorcycles. In other words, they're badass as fuck. They're heavy, they're two-wheel drive, and they carry extra gas tanks which means they're go just about anywhere. The sidecars are perfect for dogs and Kyle Murphys. Check out YouTube for some crazy videos of these things off-roading, various gun mounts, etc. The Taisa is almost the perfect bike for me, but the biggest drawback is the lack of leaning into a turn. That's one of the most exciting parts of driving a bike!

Then there was the Ducati Diavel. Clearly Best-In-Show. Without a doubt the hottest bike there. Now, the Diavel is a little bit of a deviation of the pure sport bike Ducati usually produces, being that it's a cruiser and all. And a lot of people are hatin' on Ducati for the new bike, saying they should stick to the sports bikes. Well shame on them. It's not like this thing is a Porsche Cayenne or anything. At least it looks great, right?? After a couple of circles around the center, getting a quick glimpse at Ice-T and Coco, Pauly Jr., and Dee Snider, we decided it was time to move on to our next destination: Fraunces Tavern.

Fraunces Tavern is down by the South Street Seaport and is on the National Register of Historic Places for being the location of George Washington's farewell speech to his troops after the Redcoats got their asses booted from New York. The atmosphere in this joint is outstanding. From the recycled hand-made tables to the exposed filament hanging light bulbs, the bar has a fantastic vibe. The beer selection was top notch for a place opened just two weeks prior and the chef's table area is startlingly beautiful. The only thing that needs to change is the gaudy, completely out of place Porterhouse neon sign that completely ruins the lighting in the bar. I understand the management feels they needs to make their name know in a place like this but this thing has to go. Two beers later and we were on our way to meet up with JD at The Ginger Man.

Lastly, The Ginger Man has a great tap selection, extremely high ceilings, low-light pub atmosphere and a decent quick eats menu.They have about 70 beers on tap with 100+ bottles available. We sat down at one of their picnic style tables, ate some brats and knockwurst and pounded out a few beers. Dozer showed up fashionably late, probably because he takes longer than a woman to get ready. After taking in the sights, we finished our drinks, somehow managed to find our parking garage, and peaced out that bitch. Until next time, New York.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Londonberry, New Hampshire

Londonderry is a town in western Rockingham County, New Hampshire, United States. The town is bordered on the north by the city of Manchester and on the east by the town of Derry. The population was 23,236 at the 2000 census. The 2009 population was estimated to be 24,729. Londonderry is known for its apple orchards and is partial home to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Londonderry lies in an area that was first known as "Nutfield" because of the dense woods with nut trees. The town was settled in 1718 by Scots-Irish settlers, many of whom had left their homes in Londonderry (also known as Derry) in the Province of Ulster in the north of Ireland, and arrived in Boston in 1718 to start a new life without religious wars and persecution. In 1722, the town was chartered and given the name "Londonderry".

Aside from that great history/geography lesson. Londonberry is the birth place of the great Brad Littlefield. Now I know you might be asking yourself who is Brad Littlefield. Well to be quite frank I have no idea...So I facebooked the shit out of him when he called me out for not posting enough on this blog. Granted I needed to be called out as The Fuj has pretty much ass raped this entire thing. At least I have posted 3 entries (including this one) compared to the 0 that has been contributed by the other 3 members of GTFO.

Anyway, back to Brad... at first I wasnt really sure who this guy was. But after a throughough stalking I learned he was a simple individual. He is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Prime Properties. He works out of the Niskayuna Branch if you cared. Although at last look...Coldwell Banker's website returns no results on a search of his name. He likes his fair share of adventure which is evidenced by his picture inside a skydiving machine and one where he is tubing. He also likes to work on cars.

So it would seem this individual is alot like me as we both have common interests and hell we even held Real Estate licenses with the same company. So it would seem Brad is a nice guy...I mean hell Fuj seems to like him enough to be facebook friends. But then again friends on facebook means nothing. I cant remember the last time I cared about anything a friend did/said/posted on facebook.

Well I think its obvious that I had nothing remotely interesting to post about in this entry. I simply just wanted to prove the point that I post more then the others with the exception of fuj. And although I tried very hard to find something interesting on Brad that I could rag about it was damn near impossible all I really learned is that we are alot alike. I mean he even like Dropkick Murphys and The Office.

So brad this ones for you I figured you would appreciate it in some small way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

So I went to go see "The Dilemma" the other night starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. The movie was decent. I figured I was going to see a movie that would be gut busting funny. I was let down but the movie itself was horrific. It still had its parts. In all honesty the best part of the movie was without a doubt the previews before the movie.

As I am sure you are well aware comic book movies have pretty much dominated the box office. Among the top earners is with out doubt the Tranformers franchise. Granted the movies are known for their oscar worthy screen plays or acting. But you put Michael Bay next to a camera and a special fx team. You got some serious shit. Anyway my point being the 3rd and probably final installment of this action packed franchise will be realeased late this year. And while I waited to see a sub-par comedy I got to see this....Enjoy:

Hope you enjoyed go spluge in the pants much like I did.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This week in cool ass car shit.

Ken Block drives the piss off a MKII Escort
We're not talking about some POS wrong wheel drive 'Merican Escort. We're talking old school, hooning the shit out of, RWD, straight out of the UK Escort (they also had these in Australia, but fuck Australia and their dumb anti-hooning laws). This was really the only Escort that anyone gave a shit about other than the RS200, which let's face it is barely an Escort. On to the footage:

This car is awesome. Even awesomer? This video was filmed in upstate New York. If ANYONE has any idea where these roads are, I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

Bonus Block Footage
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm addicted GT5 and all other racing games are pieces of shit. You should also know that I think Gymkhana is stupider only to drifting (which should really not be considered a motorsport since measuring skill is subjective). However, this is cool as hell if you can actually do it in a video game. All other attempts at adding drifting in video games has pretty much failed and I'd love to see it actually come out right.

Looks cool, but as for the presentation, the physics in this game looks like balls. Now that GT5 is (finally) out, these other racing franchises really need to step it up. But here's the situation. No one gives a shit about Ken Block. Not this week. Not when The Rock, Vin, Paul Walker, Tyrese, AND Ludacris are coming out with...

Shit. Yes. Cannot wait for this to come out. AND it's coming out in IMAX which means hell yes GTFO will be going to the Palisades. Crossgates IMAX is just not big enough to contain all that is Fast Five. Simple enough. Let's just go over this again: Dominic Torretto, Brian O'Connor, Roman Pierce, Tej, Han, Mia, and Ol' Coyotes 'R' Us Vince are back for a FIFTH installment of the Fast and Furious series. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you're an idiot:

Fast and the Furious haters hate all you want. This is gonna be fun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is the shit I dream about.

Too bad it's a fucking Hyundai.
QUICK! Someone make this in GT5 stat!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Top Gear news.

Clarkson - The Italian Job

Just a reminder of what Clarkson
looked like the last time he drove
an Atom. And this one is slower.
Something to hold us over until the next series of Top Gear starts: A new Clarkson special. The special features a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Ferrari 599 GTO, a Porsche 911 GT3, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera, an Ariel Atom 500 V8 and the icing on the cake? The Pagani Zonda R. The car that has just destroyed the lap record at the Nürburgring. This special also includes the Top 5 greatest Clarkson/TG explosions of all time, and and bonus content of outtakes and behind the scenes footage.

From Jezza himself:
Disc One 
It’s The Italian Job so obviously, I head to Kent in England for the race of a lifetime. But first I have to get ready. So, it’s the Fiorano test track in Italy where I spend a while not getting ready at all. I try the gym but it’s all rubbish so instead, I decide to compare Ferrari’s 458 Italia and the limited edition 599 GTO. On paper, that doesn’t seem fair. But in reality….
Next stop is the infamous Imola race circuit. The Stig joins me to get the most out of the Porsche GT3 and its stripped out cousin the GT3 RS. Also present are the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera and the jaw-dropping Mercedes SLS AMG with its gullwing doors.

My face gets a workout too, thanks to an Ariel Atom. With a V8 engine. Then, for some reason, The Stig does something terrible to the face of Rubens Barrichello. My final Italian shake-down comes from the £1.3 million, Nurburgring lap record holder – the Zonda R with its 750 horsepower V12 and slick tyres.

Finally, I’m ready. So it’s back to England for my first ever Classic Touring Car Race...I don’t know the car, I don’t know the circuit and I’m up against 20 experienced rivals...What could possibly go wrong?

Disc Two

The making of The Italian Job is revealed. Yes, we lift the lid – and blow the doors off – all the behind the scenes action. A team of fifteen on the road for ten days . Blistering Italian sun, mechanical problems and technical headaches plus tricks of the trade...It’s all here is an exclusive tell-all video diary.

Then of course, everything else explodes. Over the past 15 years I’ve destroyed some hateful cars in some ingenious ways. Now, for the first time ever, the best five of those destructions – as voted for by you – are brought together on this second disc.

Clarkson - The Italian Job will be showing at Chez Fuj the usual time tonight. Next week however, Tog Gear Night is being moved because of...

Top Gear America

Top Gear America debuts next week on the History Channel. A sneak peak:

How will the new hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood do? Who knows. As long as it's better than the recently rebooted Top Gear Australia, color me interested.

Top Gear Night next week will be delayed to coincide with the release of Gran Turismo 5. If someone wants to bring another PS3 and another copy of the game, I will entertain the idea of hooking up the other TV on the dinner table or basement and get some one on one shit going. The same goes for Black Ops. Also, since we're not going out for Thanksgiving Eve, let's do this right and get some food and drinks going on in this bitch. And maybe drink some Four Loco. Let's talk menu in the comments. If any of you bring chips and dip I will murder you and your family. Thanks.

Friday, November 12, 2010

An extemely biased review of the "Worlds Greatest Phone"

As some of you may or may not know....I sell Cell Phones for a living. Normally, I wouldnt blog or comment on this fact. But, I had to vent and I just remembered that I have a medium to do this plus I was getting sick of watching this blog become fuj's bitch.

With that in and day out I get asked the retarded question "Whens Verizon getting the iPhone?". Seriously??? I mean I understand as a consumer wanting to know when the most popular phone in the world is coming to the big red. What I dont understand is why you think that I as a sales rep would have any knowledge on the subject. I mean seriously I am inundated with questions about this article or that article concerning a Jan 2011 release for the iPhone. The most recent being a Fortune magazine article from litteraly the most unedcuated bitch ever talking about Verizon's CEO like it's her long lost grandpa. I mean seriously bitch, shut up and state facts. That's what journalism is. I read that entire article and she mentioned the iPhone once and had not one single fact or quote (from anyone relevant) to back up her story. I mean nevermind the fact that Apple has never released any product in the history of apple in the month of January. But whatever read below my fucked up review of this shitty pile of douche.

In all honesty I hate this phone. I mean really tell me what fuck is so great about this phone. I get the fact that its resolution is amazing but considerimg 80% of Americans have vision problems that feature is quite honestly worthless. So what else is it...hmm maybe the front facing camera for video calls. Oh wait I forget the only way that sweet feature works is with other wait correction only other iPhone 4's. So pretty much that feature is crap as well.

So please someone anyone tell me why they would buy this pile of shit instead of a decent Droid device. I am dying to know...and please none of this Apple fan boy bullshit. I understand the great qualities of Apple products. But the iPhone isn't nor will it ever be designed to create/edit your life like a Macbook does.

If you couldnt tell I hate this fuckin phone...if you own one do yourself a favor and pour lighter fluid on it and light a match. Then when you realize your IQ just jumped 30 points go out and buy Galaxy S, Droid X or Nexus S phone and enjoy.

Please faggots!!!

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